Hawaii All Inclusive Resorts

Hawaii Resorts – More Than Just A Place to Sleep

When planning your trip to Hawaii, where you are going to stay is just as important as which island you choose to visit for your vacation. There are so many choices to consider when making this decision, including whether or not this vacation is for family fun or an adults only get away.

If you are taking your children with you on your trip to Hawaii, then Waikiki beach is where you should consider booking your resort.  The reason?  Waikiki is considered to be “the family fun spot” in Hawaii. There are several top notch resorts on the beach that offer families a little something special during their vacations.

-A section of beach that is reserved for families, where splashing, running and yelling are not only acceptable, but encouraged.
-Fireworks that light up the Friday night sky.
-”little Hawaii” type areas that give kids the change to explore the islands in a scale that is just right for them.  They can see flamingos, waterfalls, small mountains, all in a kid-safe way.

These examples are just a few of the great things that are available for families at these resorts.  Couple these activities with the fact that most of these kid-friendly resorts allow kids under 18 to stay free and many of them offer kids under 12 free meals and show tickets (with an adult), and you just got a little more ban for your buck while in Hawaii.

If however, you are wanting to spend some quality adult time on vacation, then an adult only resort is exactly what you need.  Many of these resorts are all-inclusive, which means that for one price you pay for your hotel stay, food, drinks and sometimes even shows and other extras.  Because ever expense is paid for at one time, and no extra money is needed to enjoy the stay, all inclusive are becoming a very popular choice for many travelers all over the world.

An adult only resort will offer you the chance to walk along private beaches, eat in exclusive restaurants and lounge in the hotel pool with out the noise and worry of children underfoot.  Many of these resorts also offer their guests services such as, massages, luaus, and luxurious parties – included in your hotel stay.

Of course you can always choose a hotel over a resort.  Generally the prices are a bit less expensive and you will have to find your own fun adventures on the island.  If you are the type of people who prefer not to have your vacation planned out for you, this is the choice that is probably right for you.  After all, its Hawaii, its not like your going
to have a bad time.

Don’t forget to take extra money for souvenirs, while most resorts and hotels will have a few giveaways, you will need money to get the items that you really want.