Hawaii’s Beautiful Weather

If you are planning a vacation to an exotic destination, then Hawaii is probably on your list. This state has a lot to offer, from scenery to championship golf courses to some of the best surfing on the planet. But one of the best kept secrets of this tropical island get away is its vast climate offerings.

That’s right, Hawaii is one of the few places on Earth where you can experience every type of weather change imaginable. Hawaii is one of the only places where you can go skiing in the morning and snorkeling at noon and be drenched with rain by night fall. If you are looking for a
vacation spot that offers something for everyone, Hawaii is it.

So, how is it that a state which is renowned for its tropical, perfect weather able to boast of skiing? The secret is elevation, plain and simple. When at the higher elevations of the state, snow can be abundant, go lower and the air becomes dry and arid. Therefore, no matter your
mood, Hawaii can fulfill it for you.

Exactly how much can the weather on these islands fluctuate? Well, in 1931, the hottest temperature in Hawaii was recorded at 100 degrees F, while the lowest of 12 degrees F was noted in 1979. However, vacationers can take comfort in the fact that this particular vacation paradise is the only place in the country that has never had a recorded temperature below zero.

When planning your vacation, it is important to know what season you are visiting in. This will help you to plan your activities as well as your attire more effectively. The wet season in Hawaii starts in November, with an average rainfall of 25 to 30 inches island wide. Again, take heart, as these rainfalls are not usually severe enough to ruin an otherwise perfect vacation.

If you are going to travel between the months of June and November, it is important to be aware that is hurricane season, and all though the last hurricane to hit Hawaii was in 1992, the threat is still there and should not be ignored. Hurricane season gives way to Winter, or what
passes for winter in Hawaii. The most notable change is in the ocean on the north side of the island. The rougher waters of winter can be a challenge to novice swimmers and caution should be taken.

Overall, the weather in Hawaii is pleasant and lends itself to a fun, sunny vacation. Therefore, be sure to pack plenty of sun screen and your sunglasses. And remember, while you are planning your once-in-a-lifetime trip to the tropical islands, be sure to schedule so that you can experience everything that Hawaii has to offer.

The weather on this wonderful island really only changes when you go looking for it, but wouldn’t it be a blast to tell people what you went skiing in Hawaii?