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11 Essential Tips For First Time Backpackers

Setting off on your first ever backpacking trip can be exciting. But it is also important to be prepared so as to make the trip less worrisome. Here are 11 essential tips for the first time backpacker.

Pack prudently

Make sure you pack clothes that aren’t bland. Pack enough so that you can have a sensible change of clothes, but not so much that it becomes a burden to carry around.

Viewing mountain

Eventual discarding

If you are on a trip that will last a few months or longer, your clothes with succumb to wear and tear, and the sun and dust. Pack just enough and buy replacements along the way.

What not to pack

Items like hairdryers, straighteners, etc. will do nothing more than take up valuable packing space.


Do your best to refrain from using your smartphone or the internet, and try to connect with the place you are in.

Solo travel precaution

For safety and comfort reasons, it is always better to book flights that will get you to your destination by morning, so that you can avoid unnecessary hassles and deal with emergencies better.

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It’s not always easy

Long-term travel can be as exhausting as it is rewarding – you could fall sick, stay at an uncomfortable hotel or just be fatigued. Push through it all because the next day will always be better.


Before leaving for your trip, do some research on the local customs and culture of your destinations, and if possible, learn the essential language you might need for a more immersive experience.

Say yes more

Some experiences might be out of your comfort zone, be it hiking, surfing, bungee jumping, etc. Don’t be afraid of loosening up a little and saying yes to more fun activities. It’ll make your journey all the more enjoyable.

Treat yourself occasionally

While it is important to be conscious of how much you spend during these trips, you might sometimes need to give yourself a little treat, like your own place for a couple of nights instead of shared accommodation options, to give you the bliss you need to stay relaxed and ready for the rest of your trip.

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Be open to change

Even though going to new places and meeting new people might be a bit daunting, try to interact with people and modify your plans according to situations to immerse yourself in the whole experience.

Be cautious

While this trip is meant for you to let go and loosen up a little, exercise caution in all that you do, and do not ignore your gut feelings.