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Things to avoid while staying in a hotel

Hotel stays are an integral part of any vacation. And as hotels are an important part of our vacations, there are a few things which are important too.  Search for to have clear picture and better ideas. So here’s a list of things you should avoid at all costs when in a hotel:

Avoid the lobby coffee

It’s free, and yes, it’s appealing. It’s our instinct to be drawn to free stuff. But not the lobby coffee – it tastes super weird, so much so that the milk in it too is questionable. As far as the coffee is concerned, you won’t find any trace of coffee in there – just loads and loads of sugar to compensate the lack of good milk and coffee powder in this supposed to be coffee! It’s best you spend some money in a cafe at least you’d have the joy of tasting authentic coffee – just like it should be.

lobby coffee

The dirty remote controls

Any remote control in the hotel room – whether it’s the AC or the television, avoid touching it at all costs. These remote controls are a breeding ground for bacteria of all kind and home to several illnesses and allergy generating bacteria too. But you sure cannot get away from touching the remote – instead, you can opt to use antibacterial wipes and clean off the remote before using it.

Leave your valuables unattended

No matter which top class hotel you have chosen, keep in mind hotel thefts are a common feature in almost all hotels. So if you’re careless with your valuable stuff, it’s best you leave back the expensive stuff back home. If you cannot do with this, ensure you have securely kept your valuables in the least expected locations – within smaller compartments in your bag or in a tiny container under your pile of clothes.

Hotel rooms

Unclean towels

No matter how white and spotless as snow the towels in your room look, there’s no surety in the fact that they’re actually clean – bacteria-free clean. Instead of using these towels which you know nothing about and cannot guarantee a thing about, it’s best you carry your own towel – you can wash it as many times as you want – at least you’ll be using something reliable!


Disclose your room number

Unless you want the world to know where you’ve kept all your baggage that includes important documents and other valuables, it’s best you zip up your mouth and talk about your room number in hushed tones.  Burglaries are a pretty common affair in hotels, so it’s best to take the essential precautions.