Beautiful Hawaii Waterfalls

Hawaii – Waterfalls: Mother Nature at Her Best

Hawaii is known as a tropical paradise for a number of factors, its beaches and volcanoes are two of the most well known of these reasons. Another reason that Hawaii is so revered as a tropical get away is for the abundance of waterfalls that it has to offer its visitors. The waterfalls on Hawaii are some of the most spectacular in the world and is also one of the islands hidden treasures.

Each and every Hawaiian island has a variety of waterfalls for you to enjoy. While some of the waterfalls are located in public areas, as the land they occupy has been donated to the national park system for future generations to enjoy, others are what are known as hidden waterfalls. These secret waterfalls are known only to the locals and a the few tourists who are adventurous enough to stray off of the beaten path to find them and enjoy their breath taking beauty.

So, what is the best way to experience these natural beauties that the islands have to offer? One sure way to see the most famous of the waterfalls is to book a tour. One popular type of waterfall tour consists of a luxury bus that takes you and other passengers from site to site during a day long tour of the waterfalls, stopping to get a closer look at each one.

Another alternative is more for the risk takers, the ones who want to see everything that the island has to offer, but who does not necessarily need the hands on experience. This tour is taken by helicopter. The helicopter allows you the unique ability to see the waterfalls from above, to see the rivers and streams that feed them and the pools that are created by the water crashing into them from above.

Don’t think that looking at the majesty of the Hawaiian waterfalls is where the fun ends. The waterfalls lend themselves to other popular vacation past-times such as hiking, swimming and even the ever enjoyable cliff diving. Any of these activities can be set up through your tour guide. If, however, you are off exploring on your own, just be sure to contact the local park ranger for any restrictions that may apply.